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How to add additional sources of revenue to your business using online courses

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Hosted By David Young

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David has runs an online course business that teaches people how to use drones.  

Over the last few years he has generated over $2 million in course sales. 

What You Will See On This Free Training

Find Your Why

Find out why you should care about online courses if you are a brick and mortar or service bases business, and how you can create new revenue streams even if your storefront is closed or you can’t physically see clients.

Discover The Problem

Learn exactly how to develop a course idea even if you are not sure of how this could work for your industry. in order to create an offering that will resonate with your customers and make sense for your business.

Create Your Solution

Finally,  we’re sharing the simple the simple 4-step ‘PODS’ system to create your online course. These are the exact steps we’ve taken to grow Drone Launch Academy to $2 million in revenue

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